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For over 100 years, Eastern Kentucky University has been creating opportunities and fulfilling dreams. Whether it is through providing the education for a first generation college graduate or offering outreach to communities across EKU’s twenty-two county service region, possibilities are realized at Eastern.Whether you are a new student, a recent college graduate, or a person interested in a single class, the staff at EKU Somerset can help you find an educational path that meets your needs. 

EKU Somerset would like to welcome back students, faculty, and staff for the 2015-2016 Semester. #GoBigE

Complete your Criminal Justice and/or Police Studies Degree at the EKU Somerset Campus

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2015 STEM Jobs Approved Colleges

It’s never too soon to start planning your stem career — and that means choosing the best schools that are focused on preparing you for STEM jobs.


EKU Dual Credit Update:

Qualified EKU Dual Credit students may enroll in a maximum of two courses per semester (pending availability at your location).  Dual Credit tuition is $65 per credit hour; however, all applications will be reviewed to determine eligibility for additional dual credit scholarships (see website at http://dualcredit.eku.edu/tuition-and-fees-0)_________________________________________________________________________________


Exciting news!!!!!  

Now available online; Masters of Education programs in:  Library Science, Elementary Education, Special Education – LBD, and Instructional leadership    http://coe.eku.edu/


Regional campus students majoring in online programs are able to register for the restricted online courses without needing any overrides.  Students should be aware eCampus courses are taught in an 8-week format and are charged at the rate of $395/credit hour. (Students located at extended sites are also eligible to take coursework at their respective campuses in conjunction with their eCampus courses).

Things you need to know!!!!!!

Withdrawing and Financial Aid:

Federal Financial Aid regulations require students to earn credit from classes funded by financial aid.  Financial aid regulations do not distinguish between receiving a “W” in a course, or an “F” in a course.  In both cases tuition is paid with financial aid funds and in both cases the student did not earn credit. Students, advisors, and instructors should note therefore that multiple withdraws can impede appropriate progress toward degree and thus negatively impact a student’s ability to retain financial aid.


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